Welcome & Bienvenid@s to ¡De'víate! This is my informal home on the web--I write here about whatever seems good to me, and try to build community among various people, academics and not, who want to use their brains to make the world better. If you're looking for PhDeviate, Inc., be among the first to see it in it's "still under construction" state!

Advocacy and Community for PhDs

In spite of years of training, many PhDs are living at or below the poverty level. I aim to build community and advocacy for groups of adjuncts and other alternative and nonacademic PhDs who seek to come together to make positive change. To that end, I have brought together a group of PhD holders and candidates who are interested in, or who are working, alternative academic (#altac) or nonacademic (#nonac) careers. We're developing a great set of Interested people should sign up for our mailing list!

Literature and the world

My own PhD is in English Literature from Tufts University. My dissertation, Discrimination, Evasion, and Livability in Four New York Puerto Rican Narratives explores how "real life" problems are played out in fictional texts. I talk about sexuality, family structure, discrimination, poverty, colonialism, the criminal justice system, and New York City housing (just to name a few topics!). If this is interesting to you, you might like to check out the full bibliography of the dissertation, or the first chapter, on Piri Thomas' Down These Mean Streets. I write about various things I've done in academia, including teaching, both in the U.S. and in China.


Since graduation, I have visited 19 countries (including Puerto Rico as a country, about which I have strong feelings, and including brief layovers) and 47 cities. I lived for a while in Berlin, Germany, and taught a semester in Shanghai, China. This opportunity has been life-changing in ways I'm only still just beginning to process, and has fueled my desire for yet more travel. Now that I'm spinning off my professional pursuits into a separate site, I'll write more about the travels I've done, and more about where I'm yet longing to go!

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